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Berlin liest ein Buch

Diskutieren Sie mit!
Diskutieren Sie mit! | © Imago/Maskot

A German-international Reading Group is inviting to a Zoommeeting on "Herkunft". They are now and then picking up current topics and books and discuss them from multiple angles. Again they take part in the action BERLIN LIEST EIN BUCH.

About the book:
„The German word Herkunft can mean origin, ancestry or provenance. Any one of these could have functioned adequately as the English title of Saša Stanišić’s prize-winning third novel, but translator Damion Searls’s choice – Where You Come From – conveys a sense of the multiplicity that is intrinsic to this often brilliant novel. Where you come from is a fact, an undeniable series of branches on a family tree; but somehow I couldn’t help but read the words in an interrogable manner, imagining someone, possibly armed, demanding to know someone’s ethnic background.

Stanišić was 14 when the Bosnian war began in 1992, and escaped to Germany with his mother soon afterwards. His father joined them six months later, thinner and with a scar on his face they never discussed. In his previous two novels, Before the Feast and How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone, he mined his family history and his own biography in a freewheeling narrative style that incorporated jokes, asides, repetition, diversions, digressions and pop-cultural references that pointed to a sense of gleeful improvisation; Where You Come From feels more honed and considered, more in control of its material. It is, at least at first, almost straightforward.“ Guardian Komm mit mir zu WHERE YOU COME FROM by Saša Stanišic.

WHERE YOU COME FROM by Saša Stanišic, Mo., 20. Juni 2022, 19:00 | Meetup
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