19.01.2023 23:03 - 01:00 Schöne Töne

Zeit Künstler Titel
Dorian Concept Promises The Nature of Imitation
Bochmann String Quartet Kol Nidre Jewish String Quartets
Lisel One At a Time Patterns For Auto-tuned Voices and Delay
Lisel Immature Patterns For Auto-tuned Voices and Delay
San Francisco Symphony Chorus, Marc Shapiro & Vance George Earth Seen from Above Voices 1900/ 2000
Astrïd & Rachel Grimes Mossgrove & Seaweed Through the Sparkle
Justina Jaruseviciute Midnight Rain live recording with Signum Quartet
Mindtality Crows Nest Weekly Releases 2023
Lumen Valo Urmas Sisask: Oremus Adoratio
Boards of Canada Kid for Today In a Beautiful Place Out In the Country - EP
Caroline Shaw & Sō Percussion Let the Soil Play Its Simple Part Shaw: Let the Soil Play Its Simple Part
Ryuichi Sakamoto 20210310 12
Ryuichi Sakamoto 20211130 12
Ryuichi Sakamoto 20211201 12
Ryuichi Sakamoto 20220123 12
Ryuichi Sakamoto 20220202 12
Ryuichi Sakamoto 20220207 12
Ryuichi Sakamoto 20220214 12
Ryuichi Sakamoto 20220302 - sarabande 12
Ryuichi Sakamoto 20220302 12
Ryuichi Sakamoto 20220307 12