04.04.2023 19:00 - 21:00 studioeins

Zeit Künstler Titel
19:07 Placebo Slave To The Wage Slave to the wage
Grennan, Tom Here Here
19:32 Joan As Police Woman The action man The Deep Field
19:47 Madison McFerrin (Please Don't) Leave Me Now (Please Don't) Leave Me Now
19:57 A Certain Ratio SAMO Afro Dizzy
Andrew Collberg Adelaide
20:18 Oren Lavie Her morning elegance Her morning elegance
20:29 Tom Tom Club Genius of love Neon wave
Phoenix After Midnight After Midnight
20:46 Tricky; Kowalczyk, Ed; Hawkman Evolution revolution love Evolution revolution love (Radio Edit)
20:50 Friedberg Go Wild MP3-Import
Boy Fit Back In (Radio Edit) Fit Back In