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Zeit Künstler Titel
x x 1. Stunde
Carlos Rafael Rivera Extraordinary Amounts of Cocaine OST: Griselda
Carlos Rafael Rivera Panesso OST: Griselda
Lemongrass The Sea and The Sky Mirror Of Life
The Horus All Stars Cristo Redentor Cristo Redentor 7''
The Smile I Quit Wall Of Eyes
Cass Elliott Didn't want to have to do it (Ver. 1) Parade of Broken Hearts
Martin St�rtzer Thetis Habitat Module Lander Modules
Syd Barrett It is obvious (Take 2) Barrett (1970)
Observatories Picking up stones Frost Forms
Roomful of Teeth None more than you Rough Magic
Abjective Urterra (Live) Shelter of The Dead (a?/?v)
The Smile Open the Floodgates A Light For Attracting Attention
x x 2. Stunde
Ekseption Air Ekseption
Sebastiano Effe Like Rain in an old movie They, Whom The Gods Want To Destroy
Julian Lloyd Webber Variation 8 Variation 10 (Moderato Mosso)
Andrew Tasselmyer B3 (April 24) Diary
Underworld Denver (Luna) Acapella Denver Luna
Web Web La Planete Fantastique Web Max II
Martin St�rtzer Ceres Lander Lander Modules
Jacob Collier World o World Dejesse Vol. 4
Hynta Closer Hyperobjects
Katrina Niebergal, Bergur Anderson Tarxien Temples / by Ramla beach, Malta come, Memory: fieldwork
Katrina Niebergal, Bergur Anderson Acropolis, Athens / drum groove come, Memory: fieldwork
Julian Lloyd Webber Variation 10 Variation 10 (Moderato Mosso)
Katrina Niebergal, Bergur Anderson busker and busy corner, Athens / goats on the way to Katholiko beach, Crete come, Memory: fieldwork
a wave, a mouth, Psychopomp First Beast
x x 3. Stunde
Chris Benstead Susie Glass OST: The Gentlemen
Katrina Niebergal, Bergur Anderson Stonehenge chats / Agia Triava Archeological Site, Crete come, Memory: fieldwork
Katrina Niebergal, Bergur Anderson Skorba Temples, Malta / Druid�s theme come, Memory: fieldwork
Katrina Niebergal, Bergur Anderson background voice takes, No talking spring come, Memory: fieldwork
Chris Benstead Father Passes OST: The Gentlemen
Chris Benstead You will Dance OST: The Gentlemen
Hannibal Chew IV La Revuelta de Los Loros Loros Locos (Sinfon?�?as Destrozadas en Tenerife)
Ian Hawgood, Will Bolton refleurir Floral Forms And Subsequent Interactions
Katrina Niebergal, Bergur Anderson Mdina bus, Malta / excerpt from Lewis Mumford�s The City in History, 1961 come, Memory: fieldwork
Julia Holter Materia Somethig in the Room she moves