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Zeit Künstler Titel
Animat U for Up, D for Down Earplay
Dans Dans Wolk 6
Steve Miller Band Baby's Calling me Home Children of the Future (1968)
Mirage of Deep Souls Kingdom Signs Of Heaven (432 Hz)
Steve Miller Band Key to the Highway Children of the Future (1968)
Mirage of Deep Lost Island Signs Of Heaven (432 Hz)
Marsen Jules Aurore Herbstlaub (2005)
Dai Fujikura, Jan Bang Implanted Memories The Bow Maker
Bing Crosby It must be true Bing: A Musical Autobiography (1954)
Mick Chillage One Sanguine Day Tides Of Melancholy
Bing Crosby I surrender, Dear Bing: A Musical Autobiography (1954)
Tamino The First Disciple Sahar
Marsen Jules Aile d'Aigle Herbstlaub (2005)
Tamino The Longing Sahar
Andrew Bird Tin Foil Fingerlings 3 (2006)
Lambchop Dylan at the Mouse Trap The Bible
Natalie Rose LeBrecht Lost Mandarava Rose (Kassette)
Lambchop Every Child begins the World Again The Bible
Nils Frahm World of Squares Music for Animals
Natalie Rose LeBrecht Autonomy Dream Mandarava Rose (Kassette)
Lambchop That's Music The Bible
Will Samson A Certain Surprise Active Imagination
Undulating Contours Distance Music For Stolen Moments (Kasette, 2021)
Will Samson Arpy Active Imagination
The Green Kingdom Drowsr Audioloom 2
Tamino Only Our Love Sahar
John Reidar Holmes Crinkum-Crankum Manichees and Madmen
Mirage of Deep Space Opera Signs Of Heaven (432 Hz)
Undulating Contours Clearing of the Sun Music For Stolen Moments (Kasette, 2021)
Undulating Contours Suspended Moment Music For Stolen Moments (Kasette, 2021)
Mirage of Deep Behind the Door Signs Of Heaven (432 Hz)