12.03.2023 20:00 - 21:00 Kings Hour

Zeit Künstler Titel
Water From Your Eyes Barley Single
Peter Gabriel Playing For Time Single
Ane Brun True Colours Portrayals
Ron Gallo Big Truck Energy Foreground Music
Chloe Gallardo God Is Dead Single
Lichen Slow It’s Not What We Thought Rest Lurks
Lonnie Holley with Bon Iver Kindness Will Follow Your Tears Oh Me Oh My
Sleaford Mods feat. Florence Shaw Force 10 From Navarone UK Grim
Bria When You Know You're Happy Cuntry Covers Vol. 2
Tommy Ashby Lifeline Lamplighter
Mavi Phoenix Biggest Asshole In The Room Single
Oskar Haag Stargazing Teenage Lullabies
GoGo Penguin Friday Film Special Single
Surprise Chef Rosemary Hemphill Single