01.04.2023 21:05 - 23:00 Kaleidoskop

Zeit Künstler Titel
Micatone Where do you belong
Emamkay Thandis Song
Quinn Lamont Luke No getting over you
Free The Robots Autumn 2021
Mira Lo Sparks
Fred & Luna 10 110
DC La Rue Ca-the-drals
Harry Case Shake It
Mr. Fingers You're someone Special
Leonardo Das Cabrio Solid
Brooklyn Dreams Streetman (Delfonic Rework)
Rahill ft. Beck Fables
Mogan Running Along The Sunflowers
Berzingue Panorama
Gerry Read ft. FLUMPS Save Your Breath
Hollis P. Monroe I'm lonely
Four Tet Parallel Jalebi
Pier Light RumTum
Capital A In the (Re)mix (Starship Interpretation)
Little Simz Angel
Sweatson Klank Pay Day
Tony Cook ft. Tavell The Weekend Life
Talking Heads Seen and not seen
Mathematiques Modernes Jungle Hurt
David Appel Group Feeling Fire