16.06.2022 21:03 - 22:59 HappySad

Zeit Künstler Titel
Murder By Death Everything Must Rest Spell/Bound, 2022
Screaming Females On My Radio Split-7" mit Worriers, Beilage zum Comic "What's The Furthest Place From Here?", 2022
Stars Pretenders From Capelton Hill, 2022
Amy Millan Skinny Boy Honey From The Tombs, 2006
Julee Cruise Rockin' Back Inside My Heart Floating Into The Night, 1989
The B-52's Roam Cosmic Thing, 1989
Julee Cruise Summer Kisses, Winter Tears Bis ans Ende der Welt (Original Filmmusik), 1991
Izaak Opatz Married with Kids Extra Medium, 2022
Aldous Harding Fever Warm Chris, 2022
The Mountain Goats Training Montage Bleed Out, 2022
Nina Nastasia A Dog's Life Dogs, 2000
Nina Nastasia Afterwards Riderless Horse, 2022
Julee Cruise & Angelo Badalamenti Falling Floating Into The Night, 1989 / Soundtrack from Twin Peaks, 1990
The Sundays Summertime Static & Silence, 1997
Andrew Bird Stop N' Shop Inside Problems, 2022
Regina Spektor Loveology Home, Before and After, 2022
Nina Nastasia Just Stay in Bed Riderless Horse, 2022
Built to Spill Understood When the Wind Forgets Your Name, 2022
Evel Knievel Why? Evel Knievel, 1974
Norma Tanega Walkin' My Cat Named Dog Walkin' My Cat Named Dog, 1966
Norma Tanega Maggie My Dog I’m The Sky: Studio And Demo Recordings, 1964–1971, 2022
Dolly Parton Dark Night, Bright Future Run, Rose, Run, 2022
Dolly Parton Puppy Love Puppy Love 7", 1959/2017
Jonathan Richman Everybody Loves Dolly Cold Pizza & Other Hot Stuff, 2022
Jonathan Richman Cold Pizza Cold Pizza & Other Hot Stuff, 2022
Norma Tanega If I Only Had A Name Like Norma Tanega I’m The Sky: Studio And Demo Recordings, 1964–1971, 2022
Glenn Jones A Handful of Snow Vade Mecum, 2022