15.04.2024 23:00 - 01:00 Experience

Zeit Künstler Titel
The Bevis Frond Focus On Nature Focus On Nature
Phosphorescent Revelator Revelator
Mark Knopfler One Deep River One Deep River
Elliott Brood Wind And Snow Country
Elliott Brood Wind And Snow Country
Chuck Berry Route 66 Greatest Hits
Elliott Brood Out Of Time Country
The Rolling Stones High And Dry Aftermath
Elliott Brood Bluebird Wine Country
The Bevis Frond A Mirror Focus On Nature
The Bevis Frond Little Eden Little Eden
The Bevis Frond Enjoy We're Your Friends, Man
The Rolling Stones Doncha Bother Me Aftermath
Mark Knopfler Tunnel 13 One Deep River
Phosphorescent A Moon Behind The Clouds Revelator
Phosphorescent Song For Zula Muchacho
Phosphorescent A Poem On The Men's Room Wall Revelator
Mark Knopfler Smart Money One Deep River
Mark Knopfler % Emmylou Harris So Far Away Live Roadrunning
Mark Knopfler Scavangers One Deep River
Mark Knopfler Lights Of Taormina Tracker