10.10.2022 23:00 - 01:00 Experience

Zeit Künstler Titel
Bob Dylan Every Grain Of Sand (live, Berlin I, 5. Oktober 2022
Courtney Marie Andrews Loose Future Loose Future
The Godfathers Bring On The Sunshine Alpha, Beta, Gamme, Delta
Tim Burgess Here Comes The Weekend Typical Music
Pixies Nomatterday Doggerel
Smashing Pumpkins Beguiled ATUM (erscheint im April 2023)
The Godfathers Midnight Rider Alpha, Beta, Gamme, Delta
The Godfathers Birth School Work Death Birth School Work Death
The Godfathers I Hate The 21st Cenrury Alpha, Beta, Gamme, Delta
The What....For Bad Night
Tanja Tucker Already Gone Coomon Thread: The Songs Of The Eagles
Lyndon Morgans Between Punk And Thatcher's Fall Of Gods and Man
Courtney Marie Andrews These Are The Good Old Days Loose Future
Loretta Lynn Coal Miner's Daughter The Best Of....
Courtney Marie Andrews Honest Life Honest Life
Courthey Marie Andrews Satellite Loose Future
Solomon Burke Everybody Needs Somebody To Love The Very Best Of...
Solomon Burke What Good Am I? Make Do With EWhat You Got
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Learning To Fly The Live Anthology
John Prine Paradise In Person & On Stage
Bob Dylan When I Paint My Masterpiece (live, Berlin III, 7. Oktober 2022
Bob Dylan Key West (live, Berlin I, 5. Oktober 2022)