14.05.2022 01:00 - 04:00 Elevation

Zeit Künstler Titel
Stevie Wonder Superstition Boko a Ko
Marlena Shaw California Soul
Jackie Wilson Helpless
The Ikettes Don't Feel Sorry For Me
David Bowie Do Anything You Say
The Brogues I Ain't No Miracle Worker
Riz Ortolani Beat Fuga Shake
The Four Seasons Beggin'
Ruby Andrews You Made A Believer Out of Me
Marie Queenie Lyons See and Don't See
Hildegard Knef Wieviele Menschen waren glücklich, dass du gelebt
Stevie Wonder I'm Wondering
Wool Love, Love, Love, Love, Love
Kevin Ayers Song For Insane Times
Stevie Wonder Too High
Saltpond City Band (feat. Ebo Taylor & Dela Botri) Mennbo Wobi
The Doors Strange Days
One Day As A Lion One Day As A Lion
Tatran & Eyal Talmudi Two Days
Jane's Addiction Three Days
Buffalo Springfield Four Days Gone
Merryweather & Carey Five Days On The Trail
DJ Shadow Six Days
Wyoming Seven Days
The Beatles Eight Days A Week
Captain Beyond Thousand Days of Yesterdays / Frozen Over
Kara Delik Oh Well
Kara Delik Phew
Maha Law Laffeina El Ard
Air Tropical Disease
Van der Graaf Generator Killer
Van der Graaf Generator A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers