17.01.2023 21:00 - 23:00 Die Sendung

Zeit Künstler Titel
Mense Reents Minimal Monk
Alec Empire & Gary Burger Black Monk Time
Malaria ! Lay Lady Lay
Mona Mur Dream Rider
Haftbefehl Crackküche
Yugen Blakrok Pedestal
Robert Ames & Ben Corrigan Chrome Ocean Mekon Mix feat. Isabelle de Jour
Fever Ray What they call Us
The Knife Pass This On
Deathdance People like You
Not My God Fiction
EbE4040 Zoom Team
KPT Obliterate
Rema Rema Rema Rema
Mona Mur Shades
King Dude Lucifer’s the light of the World
Chelsea Wolfe Crazy Love
King Khan Discrete Disguise
Jiz Today
Oberst Panizza Last Man in Europe
Glamour To Kill Isolated myself
Chelsea Wolfe Iron Moon
David J. Vampire Blues
EBE404 Slipping by One