Die 100 besten Bluessongs

Jürgen Balitzki

(Musikjournalist / Moderator / Buchautor / Maler)

Jürgen Balitzki
Jürgen Balitzki | © Jürgen Balitzki

Meine Top 10

1 Eric Burdon & War Mother Earth
2 Hard Pop Schlaflied
3 Engerling Der Zug Oder Die Weiße Ziege
4 Come I've Got The Blues
5 John Mayall I Wanna Fight For You J.B.
6 Miles Davis All Blues
7 Led Zeppelin I Can't Quit You Baby
8 Interzone Blues
9 The Rolling Stones Little Red Rooster
10 Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Higgs Boson Blues