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In Berlin leben viele Menschen, für die Deutsch eine Fremdsprache ist. Trotzdem wollen auch sie mit aktuellen Informationen über die Hauptstadt versorgt werden. Für diese Berliner gibt es den Podcast "Radio Spätkauf", der aktuelle News aus der Hauptstadt zusammenfasst – auf Englisch und alle 14 Tage freitags neu...


How To F#€k Up An Airport #2 - Double The Recipe

Podcast - Radio Spätkauf

Days away from the planned 2012 opening party, nothing seemed wrong at BER. What was really going on? On this episode, we look at how the airport managers and politicians were messing with the plans, even as construction was underway. They demanded a 70% increase in terminal space to add hundreds of extra shops, and requested special double story boarding gates for the supersized Airbus A380, even though no airline requested it. Instead of a working fire safety system, they planned to hire up to 800 people to act as human fire alarms. Despite multiple warnings, the airport board pushed ...


#28 How To F#€k Up An Airport - Episode 1: Without A Plan

Artwork: How To F#€k Up An Airport
Jim Avignon

This is a series about the biggest scandal in Berlin since Michael Jackson dangled a baby out a window. It is represented by three capitalized cherry-red san-serif letters - BER. That's the international airport code for Berlin Brandenburg Airport, nickname Willy Brandt. It has also become a signifier of failure, incompetence, corruption and Berlin's general inability to get its shit together. If you've flown to Berlin Schönefeld Airport in the last few years, you'll have seen BER as your plane taxied along the runway. Look out your window and there it is, lit up bright as a Christmas ...


#27 Watery Grave for Shared Bikes

Podcast - Radio Spätkauf

The number of public bikes in Berlin increased to 6200 this week when Chinese company Mobike placed 700 of their orange and silver bicycles on the streets. They’re not to be confused with O-Bike, a Singaporean company which introduced 500 yellow-framed bikes just a few weeks earlier. In other cities, Mobike gives users credits for reporting broken bikes, and takes away credits for poor parking and “abandoning the bike when intercepted by police.”  The Berlin transport department says another three bike sharing companies have expressed interest in operating here. Radio Spaetkauf co-host ...


#26 Put Up Rent, Cheat Tax: How Berlin Landlords Stay Rich

Podcast - Radio Spätkauf

Dodgy Berlin real estate deals have been discovered in the Paradise Papers. According to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, a company called Phoenix Spree based on the Isle of Jersey has been buying Berlin property, forcing out tenants, putting up the rent, then sending the profits to offshore accounts where they pay little tax. Wondering why rents are going up and where that extra money is going? Now you know. Another trick highlighted in the Paradise Papers are so-called share deals. Investors avoid Berlin's 6% property sales tax by buying shares in companies that own property, instead of the ...


#25 Paint Your Own Bike Lane

Podcast - Radio Spätkauf

Almost 200 cyclists blocked traffic on Oranienstraße in a protest after a cyclist was doored and seriously injured. O-Straße is the third most dangerous street for cyclists in Berlin. What would happen if we painted our own bike lane? Over 34,000 bicycles worth almost €20 million are stolen annually in Berlin, only 3.5 percent are recovered. Air Berlin's turbulent descent into insolvency has reached its end. At 10.45pm on October 27 the final Air Berlin flight AB6210 from Munich will touch down at Tegel Airport, and the airline will cease to exist.Lufthansa won the bidding war to take ...