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In Berlin leben viele Menschen, für die Deutsch eine Fremdsprache ist. Trotzdem wollen auch sie mit aktuellen Informationen über die Hauptstadt versorgt werden. Für diese Berliner gibt es den Podcast "Radio Spätkauf", der aktuelle News aus der Hauptstadt zusammenfasst – auf Englisch und alle 14 Tage freitags neu...


#36 Don't Delete That Video

Podcast - Radio Spätkauf

A video of black people being kicked out of KFC at Alexanderplatz raises question. Is it illegal to call police racist? Can police delete videos from your phone? We've got answers. Support group Reachout says the incident was clearly racist. The police say they were following KFC's request. KFC is standing by their actions. Want to get fit while cleaning the city? Try plogging, a Swedish sport that combines jogging with trash collection. A meetup group is plogging through the Grunewald forest on June 9. Why are so many kids using the latest shared bike company Ofo? Is it because their ...


#35 Return of the Toxic Caterpillars

Podcast - Radio Spätkauf

Sick of cars parking in bike lanes? Write own parking tickets during Falschparker Aktionswoche, which starts on May 28. Illegal parkers are fined just €20 in Berlin if caught, while the EU average is €100. You can use an app called Wegeheld to report drivers to the authorities, if you don’t mind being called a Spießer. Trees in Berlin parks are being wrapped in white webs by an invasion of oak processionary moth caterpillars. Watch out for their bristles - they contain a toxin which irritates the skin and causes respiratory problems. The trees should recover in a few weeks, though. ...


#34 How To F#€k Up An Airport - Episode 4: Never Finished

Artwork: How To F#€k Up An Airport
Jim Avignon

A special live recording of the fourth and (maybe) last episode. Take a tour of all four of Berlin’s under-construction, out-of-use, falling-apart and over-capacity airports. Each has had a part to play in the story of how Berlin fucked up an airport. At BER, we hear the airport company's side of the story: damn high regulations got in the way, they say. Tempelhof is closed, Tegel is operating precariously, and only socialist-built Schönefeld is muddling through. The end is in sight - October 2020. But even now Berlin is planning to double BER's floorplan and build a new government ...


#33 U-Bahn Flood Alert

Joel und Konrad von Radio Spätkauf
Radio Spätkauf

Chris Dercon has resigned from the Volksbuehne Theater, just six months into the job, and following a lot of fuss over his appointment. It seems he had failed to secure enough sponsorship money to pay the bills. Joel says he wasn't given a fair chance. Konrad says he was always wrong for the job. The AFD tried to shut down Berghain, complaining about the strange hours, sex and drugs, bad music and exclusive door policy. The AFD representative Sybille Schmidt used to run a punk club. The party later backed down from the proposal. The U-Bahn network has a special alarm system in the case of ...

Radio Spätkauf
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#32 Hasenheide Goat Killers

Maisie Hitchcock und Joel Dullroy
Radio Spaetkauf

As Berlin's unemployment rate falls to half of its 2005 level, Mayor Michael Müller has proposed introducing a "solidarity basic income." Unlike a real basic income, it would oblige recipients to do municipal or social work. Would creative projects like podcasts count? Two men who killed a goat in the Hasenheide petting zoo have been sentenced to 10 months in jail. Their lawyer said they were hungry, and argued for leniency as they only took one leg. Also, all meat eaters are animal killers, he said. Another Berlin ban has been overturned by a court. Horses and carriages will be ...

Radio Spaetkauf
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