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In Berlin leben viele Menschen, für die Deutsch eine Fremdsprache ist. Trotzdem wollen auch sie mit aktuellen Informationen über die Hauptstadt versorgt werden. Für diese Berliner gibt es den Podcast "Radio Spätkauf", der aktuelle News aus der Hauptstadt zusammenfasst – auf Englisch und alle 14 Tage freitags neu...


#20 The Berlin Squirrel Virus

Podcast - Radio Spätkauf

Meet our guest host Caroline Clifford, who will also join us at this weekend’s Mobile Kino Summer Camp live recording! Over 210,000 posters are going up on the lampposts for the federal election, happening on September 24. The AFD posters manage to be both racist and sexist: “Burkas? We’d rather bikinis.” It seems unlikel they’d really be happy with streets full of half-naked women. What’s a souvenir these days? A Berlin court has decided that teapots, cake slicers and cheese graters are not. A kitchenware in Mitte was fined for opening on Sundays: only tourist shops are allowed to do ...


#19 Sperm donor equality now!

Podcast - Radio Spätkauf

This Berlin summer continues to be a wash-out, causing floods and public transport delays. Despite the rain, the Weissensee lake in north Berlin is drying up. The operator of Strandbad Weissensee is crowdfunding €90,000 to pay for 40,000 cubic meters of water or 20 Olympic swimming pools. Berlin just had its annual Christopher Street Day pride parade, which celebrated Germany's surprise legalization of gay marriage. But as Joel points out, all things are not well for gays in Berlin. Attacks against LGBTQ increased by 10% in 2016. And gays are banned from donating blood or becoming sperm ...


#18 Singing in the Rain

Podcast - Radio Spätkauf

Police raid Neukölln houses in search of the missing 100kg gold coin! The case of the spectacular robbery of the Big Maple Leaf coin from the Bode Museum is close to being cracked. Four men have been arrested, including one who worked as a security guard at the museum. The level of detail in the execution led to suspicions that it was an inside job. The Berlin Senate is floating extensions to several U-Bahn lines, including the U9, U1 and U7, which could run all the way to Schönefeld and the new BER airport. This might be because Tegel fans seem to be winning the PR war to keep the old ...


#17 Party Police Pissed Off

Podcast - Radio Spätkauf

More than 200 Berlin police officers have been sent home from the G20 summit in Hamburg early after some were caught partying in their quarters. They were observed drinking and dancing on tables with their weapons, pissing in a row against a fence, and one couple was seen having sex in public. What might be standard behaviour for some Berliners was not acceptable in Hamburg. Berlin’s fascination with its captive bears continues. Two adult pandas have arrived from China. Meng Meng and Jiao Qing will be on display in a fancy new enclosure at the Zoo Berlin from July 7. Berlin’s gay pride ...


#16 Dogs danger and doubt

Podcast - Radio Spätkauf

There's been a spate of mysterious dog deaths around the Tegeler See. The cause is unclear - either a dog hater leaving poisoned food, or a bloom of dangerous blue algae in the water. Swimmers are also advised to avoid the Tegeler See, Berlin's second biggest lake. It has been almost a year since a new law was introduced forcing dog owners to carry a plastic poop bag or face a €35 fine. But so far not a single fine has been issued. The law's vague description of "suitable material" for poop collection could be at fault. There's a debate over whether a crucifix should be placed on top of ...