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In Berlin leben viele Menschen, für die Deutsch eine Fremdsprache ist. Trotzdem wollen auch sie mit aktuellen Informationen über die Hauptstadt versorgt werden. Für diese Berliner gibt es den Podcast "Radio Spätkauf", der aktuelle News aus der Hauptstadt zusammenfasst – auf Englisch und alle 14 Tage freitags neu...


#16 Dogs danger and doubt

Podcast - Radio Spätkauf

There's been a spate of mysterious dog deaths around the Tegeler See. The cause is unclear - either a dog hater leaving poisoned food, or a bloom of dangerous blue algae in the water. Swimmers are also advised to avoid the Tegeler See, Berlin's second biggest lake. It has been almost a year since a new law was introduced forcing dog owners to carry a plastic poop bag or face a €35 fine. But so far not a single fine has been issued. The law's vague description of "suitable material" for poop collection could be at fault. There's a debate over whether a crucifix should be placed on top of ...


#15 Bus Inspectors Coming Soon

Podcast - Radio Spätkauf

Only 26% of Berliners get around by car, a survey found. The rest walk, ride or use public transport. Those who take buses should be aware - the BVG has announced that it is looking for a security company to start checking tickets on buses, starting November 1. That’s because the city government wants the BVG to allow passengers to board buses through the rear doors to speed up departures. Berlin’s first-league football team Hertha BSC are unhappy with their home ground, the Olypmiastadion, which they say is too big to create an energetic atmosphere. Now the mayor Michael Müller says the ...


#14 North Korea’s Berlin Hostel

Podcast - Radio Spätkauf

The official Mietspiegel rent index has been released. Average prices grew by 9.6% in the last two years, twice as much as during the previous review. The Mietspiegel determines how much landlords can charge. The City Hostel in central Berlin has been ordered to shut down because of its ties to North Korea. The hostel is next door to the North Korean embassy, which since 2004 has rented out the building for €38,000 a month. The German Foreign Ministry has ordered the hostel to close or face fines for breaching UN sanctions. The hostel operator says they will fight the order and are still ...


#13 Two Stars for May Day

Podcast - Radio Spätkauf

This year's May Day party/protest attracted 200,000 people to Kreuzberg 36, including 10,000 demonstrators and 5,000 police. But there were hardly any public toilets outside the official Myfest area. Where people supposed to pee? Holding the door open on the S-Bahn can be injurious to your body and wallet. A young man was dragged 50 metres along the Brandenburger Tor train platform after sticking his hand in a closing door. He could also be fined or jailed. A medical research project has applied to distribute marijuana to 25,000 Berliners to test its effects. The Forschungsinitiative ...


#12 Burglary at the Bürgeramt

Podcast - Radio Spätkauf

S-Bahn or U-Bahn? Take the U-Bahn if you like free wi-fi and fare evading. Figures from the Berlin Senat show the S-Bahn prosecuted over 35,000 repeat ticket cheaters in 2016, three times as many as the BVG. The S-Bahn checked 8.5 million passenger tickets, while the BVG only checked 5 million. Don’t try it if you want a career in education. A young Berlin man has been denied a career as a teacher because his potential employer ran a police background check and found he had been caught riding public transport with a fake ticket. A labour court upheld the school's decision. After the ...